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Colour Analysis

Each of us has a particular blend of colour tones that are in harmony with our skin, hair and eyes. These colours make your eyes shine, even out your skin tone (hiding blemishes) and give you that look of vitality and beauty. Colour is a wonderful tool for giving you look an instant boost. Discover your best colours that should be worn, your best hair colour options, the best make-up shades that naturally suit you and which jewellery colours should be worn according to your colour palette as well as how to wear black. Colour can be used to alter your body shape. Colour can also be mixed and matched to suit your lifestyle and personality.

coloured shirts
colour wheel
coloured shirts colour wheel

Style analysis

Style analysis is aimed to teach you how to dress accordingly for your unique body type, height, shape, size, shoulders, neck length, bone structure, face shape, proportions and build. You can immediately improve the appearance of your shape by adopting the art of clever dressing. The style, cut, fabric and detailing of your clothing should enhance your best assets and disguise the ones you don’t like. During a Style Analysis consultation your lifestyle and dress personality will be evaluated, you will also be taught how to express your personality through your wardrobe, being comfortable and confidant throughout.

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Wardrobe Styling

Whether you have a full wardrobe with nothing to wear or you don’t have many clothes and want to build a capsule wardrobe. Wardrobe styling will leave you with a wardrobe filled with items you love to wear, this will help make decisions about clothes and putting together outfits easier; ultimately ensuring you always look your absolute best. Wardrobe styling ensures that you take control and create a wardrobe that is varied yet works together befitting your unique look and lifestyle. You will learn why you love wearing certain items and why some items are just not favourites. We will show you how to accessorize in order to wear the same items in many ways. You will also discover new looks within your current wardrobe and you will learn how to mix and match your clothes so that you get the most of your current clothes.

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Personal Shopping

Personal shopping is a practical experience that will teach you how to co-ordinate your clothing items to maximise your wardrobe. Apply the principles of smart shopping to save time, money and energy. By discovering those shops that best serve your personal style and budget whilst stepping out of your purchasing comfort zone, you’ll soon become adept at finding what you’re looking for and make expensive shopping mistakes a thing of the past. Always working within your budget there is no obligation for you to buy anything. We will assist you in selecting garments, advising you on fit as well as mix and match options. Discover how to select new styles with your current wardrobe in mind that will express your lifestyle, personality and figure.

personal shopper
personal shopper

Special Event Styling & Bridal Styling

When you need to rise to the occasion and make a special public appearance for a wedding, a gala dinner party, a high profile meeting, a prom night or a milestone birthday this consultation is perfect for you. Within this consultation we discuss your preferences with you, make recommendations and shop with you to get the perfect outfit, style your shoes, and accessories to complete your entire look. We will also advice you on hair and make-up.

Please note that this service is for when one specific look is needed.

bridal style
bridal style

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